Last modified: Dec 9, 2009

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Welcome to the ZIPInfo download page. This download is free to MapInfo customers who own MapInfo Professional or MapInfo MapXtreme. ZIPInfo is a 5-Digit ZIP Code point file, which is a subset of the Dynamap ZIP Code Boundary File. This product is updated quarterly on the second month of each quarter.

For ZIP +4 data that includes attribute data, such as state and county FIPs, census tract codes and census block codes, you may want to consider adding the Dynamap ZIP +4 Centroid File as part of your MapInfo product line for your business solution. The Dynamap 5-Digit ZIP Code Boundary File provides detailed ZIP Code boundary information. Both products are updated quarterly and align with StreetPro and MapMarker Plus. Contact your sales representative at 800.327.8627 or authorized reseller for more information.

Installation Instructions

  • Step 1-Click on the ZIPInfo Download file (zipinfoXXX.exe) and choose to save in the directory of your choice.
  • Step 2-Once downloaded, double click on the zipinfoXXX.exe file to unzip the entire file set ( *.tab., *.map, *.dat, *.id, *.ind).
  • Step 3- Open the TAB file in MapInfo Professional, MapXtreme or MapXtreme Java.

Please be preapared to provide your software serial number when you call.

Contact Tech Support at 800.552.2511, option 1, if you have any questions about this download.

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