MapInfo Professional v11.5.2 Maintenance Release

Last modified: May 27, 2016

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The MapInfo Professional v11.5.2 update includes important corrections to the MapInfo Professional v11.5.0 and 11.5.1 software releases. We recommend that all MapInfo Professional v11.5.0 and 11.5.1 users update their version of MapInfo Professional. This patch is not valid for any pre-releases of MapInfo Professional,MapBasic, or ProViewer. There are no user interface changes to any localized releases of MapInfo Professional v11.5 and 11.5.1.

Prior to Installing the Patch

  1. Install MapInfo Professional 11.5 or 11.5.1, if not already installed.
  2. Quit MapInfo Professional if it is running (and MapBasic if you have it installed) prior to launching the patch installer.

Download Instructions

  1. Create a temporary directory on your hard drive, such as C:\temp\MIPro1152patch.
  2. Click on the MapInfoProfessional11.5.2MaintenanceRelease.exe download link - this will cause the File Download dialog box to open.
  3. Choose the "Save" button and navigate to the directory created in Step 1 (such as C:\temp\MIPro1152patch).
  4. Once the download completes, use Windows Explorer to navigate to the directory created in Step 1 (such as C:\temp\MIPro1152patch).

Installation Instructions

Refer to the Maintenance Release Notes for detailed instructions and additional notes.

  1. If you downloaded the ZIP file, extract it before continuing to the next step.

    Windows XP
    Double-click the MapInfoProfessional11.5.2 MaintenanceRelease.exe file to start the installation process.

    Windows 2008, Windows 7
    Right-click the MapInfoProfessional11.5.2 MaintenanceRelease.exe file and select Run as Administrator from the popup menu to install using elevated privileges. If a prompt for permission to continue displays, click Allow or Yes to proceed (if you do not respond and the message times-out, the install is unsuccessful).

  2. This program starts the install wizard that leads you through the rest of the patch installation process. It is important to wait until the installation completes.

For Network Administrators

Please click here if you wish to obtain the MapInfo Professional v11.5.2 Maintenance release English MSP Install.

For MapBasic Users

Please click here if you wish to obtain the MapBasic 11.5.2 Patch.

For MapInfo Professional Users – Additional Fonts

Please click here if you wish to obtain additional fonts to allow interoperability with AutoCAD Map 3D.

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