MapInfo Pro v2019

Last modified: Jun 1, 2020

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MapInfo® Pro v2019

Visualize data your way, right away.

What's new in MapInfo Pro v2019:

SQL Query Language and Interface:  this is the first major overhaul of SQL queries in over 20 years.  Many people are experts on the classic interface, so it will still be available.  The new interface offers many new ways to build, save, and edit queries.

MapInfo Marketplace - MapInfo Pro is a workhorse for most location analytics projects, but our customers have an increasing appetite for “apps” that perform special tasks based on the specific needs of different customers.  Need drone imagery?  Special tools for advanced processing? MapInfo Marketplace opens a web page with detailed descriptions of the many apps for MapInfo Pro and allows you to install them with one click.

Heat Maps in the STANDARD version of MapInfo Pro – now you can create a heat map from any point file using advanced raster capabilities with a few clicks.  Sometimes it’s hard to read a map with many points of different colors, and a heat map makes it much easier to identify the areas of high and low density of the data you are visualizing.

Layout Improvements - Layouts now support all the fill styles and line styles available for map objects.  In addition, legends are “vectorized” which means that the images will scale without pixellating (getting fuzzy).

For trial users:The Evaluation Version link below is an evaluation copy with 30 days free. If you decide to purchase a license through our estore you can add your serial number and access code for the full version at the end of the trial period or any time prior.

For existing maintenance customers: Click on the Maintenance Upgrade link below and you will be directed to our estore platform to complete the checkout and download process. If you have never used the estore before, please visit our Help Guide for step-by-step instructions. You will be able to download both the new v2019 version as well as an option for downloading the sample data seperately. 

MapInfo Viewer: A free read-only version of MapInfo is available in v2019. This is part of the normal MapInfo installation where you can choose to install the viewer. This is available in either the Evaluation or Maintenance links below.

NOTE: This update includes a single installer that allows you to install English, Japanese, French, German, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Turkish and Hebrew  languages. 

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