GeoRSS Reader for MapInfo Professional

Last modified: Jan 21, 2014

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GeoRSS is simple proposal for RSS feeds to also be described by location or Geotagged. It serves as an easy-to-use geotagging language that is brief and simple with useful defaults but extensible and upwardly-compatible with more sophisticated formats like the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) GML (Geography Markup Language). Use the utility to download and view GeoRSS data into MapInfo Professional. Use the Hot-Link option to link back to a web map.

To learn more about GeoRSS and its uses please visit the following sites:

Use MapInfo Professional to download and view GeoRSS and RSS and feeds. With this utility you can access and download any feed that has the following icon:

Utility Requirements:

  • MapInfo Professional v8.5 or higher (download evaluation)
  • Internet Access
  • (Optional) MapBasic v8.5 or higher if interested to enhance the code

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