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“The ability to visualize location-based information helps organizations gain deeper insight into their data, which is critical to engaging customers and performing insightful business analysis,” said Chris Sampson, Senior Director, Bing Maps at Microsoft Corp. “By integrating with our mapping platform, Pitney Bowes Business Insight is able to combine our cutting-edge aerial technology with its leading business mapping and analysis solution, providing organizations with a more holistic view of their spatial data.”

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Save Time and Get More Done

Multiple Style Override reduces layer list complexity by reducing the number of layers necessary to create a map. With multiple zoom-dependent display styles per layer, there is no need to add the same layer multiple times to get a different look in different zoom levels. Multiple zoom-dependent labels eliminate the need to add the same layer multiple times, in order to get different labels.

Plus, with stacked styles–not possible until now–you will have the ability to compose new point, line and region styles by combining base styles together, giving you new and powerful ways to style the map.

The new Open Tables Window saves time previously spent on searching, opening, closing and operating tables. Now you are able to interact with all open tables from a single, dockable window, so you can quickly find and act on the right table(s). Modeless Dialog provides easy access. Convenient right-click access easily opens frequently used operations such as ‘close’ or ‘browse’ tables. The ability to sort tables by name or type means that you can find the table you need in less time. Drag tables from Explorer to the Table List window quickly, in a familiar Windows standard. And, add any layer to any map faster than ever before, by dragging tables from the list into the mapper to quickly add data to any map.

Sharing insightful maps has never been easier. Choose between a suite of PDF publishing options including standard PDF, Layered PDF and now Geo registered PDF. A new, easy ‘Print to PDF’ button streamlines PDF creation. Support for translucency lets you produce more visually pleasing PDFs. Expose the right level of functionality to the right user, by using the option for a flat, layered or geo PDF output. Easily validate the output you created by choosing to automatically open the PDF once created. Include coordinate information in the PDF file to provide a map-like environment without the overhead of maps. Enable location-based searching for non-technical users with easy tool to find a specific coordinate location in the PDF. Attribute Information lets you publish intelligent map objects that carry attributes. Search map locations based on textual information by searching a specific attribute and showing that object on the PDF map.

MapInfo Professional v10.5 also supports the ability to publish maps to MapInfo Stratus. MapInfo Stratus, PBBI’s newest software–as–a–service web application, is designed for MapInfo Professional users within organizations who need to share corporate data via a map.

View world data with nothing to install, ever.

Do you want to display world data without having to install and manage a world of data on your system? Now, you can. The new MapInfo Professional 10.5 includes Tile Server Enablement*, providing instant geographic context on which to add other data, including your own data, instantly. Tile Server allows you to connect to current, globally available maps, delivered through our Tile Server technology. If you are a MapInfo Developer, MapXtreme or MapInfo Stratus user, you can even create your own internal tile servers and share data with other MapInfo Professional users in your organization. Tile Server connectivity support is also provided for Open Street Map and Microsoft Bing tile server technologies. And, if you want to access other Tile Server-based content, you can create those connections and add new data servers with the included MapBasic interface.

*Additional terms for use of Bing apply.

Search and discover data by connecting to industry-standard data servers from around the world.

If you have hundreds, even thousands, of users that create map data, you know that the number of files created multiplies exponentially. How do you catalog and search this valuable content? The new MapInfo Professional 10.5 will provide the capability to search any OGC–compliant catalog and retrieve relevant metadata.