MapInfo Discover 2016 64-bit Bundle

Last modified: Apr 12, 2017

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MapInfo Discover 2016 64-bit Bundle

Released October 2016

This Bundle installs and licenses the following products:

  • MapInfo Pro Advanced 16.0 (incorporating MapInfo Pro Raster)
  • MapInfo Premium Services
  • MapInfo Discover 2016 and
  • MapInfo Discover 3D 2016 (as an optional license extension)

These include all documentation and tutorial datasets. The documentation can also be viewed here.


Product Update

MapInfo Discover 2016.0.1 64-bit Bundle maintenance release

Released April 2017

This is an incremental maintenance release and requires an existing installation of the MapInfo Discover 2016 Bundle product installer.

Full details on the MapInfo Discover 2016.0.1 page.


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