GeoEnrichment Data

The GeoEnrichment Data supplements attribute to your address records. Depending on the datasets you select, the attribute data can include property ownership, real estate, census, consumer expenditure, demographic, geographic, and fire and flood protection. The data enriched provides coverage for U.S. locations only. The GeoEnrichment Products are available as datasets mention below

GeoEnrichment Property Attributes

The guide includes information about

  • GE Property Attributes – Basic
  • GE Property Attributes – Standard
  • GE Property Attributes – Ultimate
  • GE Property Attributes - Historical Sales

GeoEnrichment Risk

The guide includes information about

  • GE Risk - Wildfire
  • GE Risk - Property Fire Protection
  • GE Risk - Flood
  • GE Risk - Distance to Coast
  • GE Risk – Earthquake
  • GE Risk – Crime
  • GE Risk - Premium Tax

GeoEnrichment Demographics