GeoEnrichment Data

The GeoEnrichment Data supplements attribute to your address records. Depending on the datasets you select, the attribute data can include property ownership, real estate, census, consumer expenditure, demographic, geographic, and fire and flood protection. The data enriched provides coverage for U.S. locations only. The GeoEnrichment Products are available as datasets mention below

GeoEnrichment Property Attributes

The guide includes information about

  • GE Property Attributes – Basic
  • GE Property Attributes – Standard
  • GE Property Attributes – Ultimate
  • GE Property Attributes - Historical Sales

GeoEnrichment Risk

The guide includes information about

  • GE Risk - Wildfire
  • GE Risk - Property Fire Protection
  • GE Risk - Flood
  • GE Risk - Distance to Coast
  • GE Risk – Earthquake
  • GE Risk – Crime
  • GE Risk - Premium Tax

GeoEnrichment Demographics

GeoEnrichment Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA)

This guide includes information about LUCA data which is based on the US Address Fabric datasets. The LUCA Program improvement project identifies changes that help increase participation and coverage, while decreasing program costs for the 2020 Census LUCA Program. In addition, the project identifies ways to improve the quality of address updates for the 2020 Census LUCA Program.

US GeoDemographics

The US GeoDemographics is a GeoEnrichment dataset that provides details of the full range of fields available in the Cameo USA Classification and the Cameo USA Analysis data suite.

The Cameo USA Classification suite seggregates American households into 58 categories organized into 10 groups based on key demographic and socio-economic characteristics. Whereas, the Cameo USA Analysis provides additional insights for two core variables:

  • Presence of Children
  • Financial Stress

GeoEnrichment Boundaries Lookup

The GeoEnrichment Boundaries Lookup is a GeoEnrichment dataset associating Pitney Bowes proprietary unique and persistent identifier, pbKey, to Boundary IDs and Boundary Names. The GeoEnrichment Boundaries Lookup is provided in a database loadable text format for easy integration into a variety of systems. It can be used within GIS, BI, and other database systems like Spectrum.