Creating Territories by Combining Objects

Product: MapInfo Pro
Language: English
Runtime: 5:15 minutes.
Captions: Yes
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This is a short video tutorial that explains how to create larger regions out of smaller ones.  There are different ways to combine objects within the same table together.  Perhaps you have a need to create some sort of territory boundaries.  You can take some existing postal or census boundary data and combine the individual objects together to create larger regions.  This tutorial will cover two methods to combine objects.  The first method is to select the objects manually, and go to the Objects menu and choose combine.  The second method is by going to the Table menu and choosing Combine Objects Using Column.  This second method requires that there is a column of data that contains some designation or ID that MapInfo Professional can use to combine the objects.  It will read that column and combine all of the objects on the map together based on all the unique values in that column.

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