1st Guard


With an abundance of returned mail, incomplete address data and no customer mapping capabilities, 1st Guard was looking to improve its use of geolocational data. Also with address-specific postal regulations and coding policies that differ from state-to-state, 1st Guard required a solution to help identify the appropriate tax jurisdiction requirements for its policies. With nationwide customers, the Company also wanted to enhance its ability to pinpoint address locations for better business decision making capabilities, and to establish a better process for validating, correcting and standardizing customer address data.


1st Guard turned to Pitney Bowes Software’s Spectrum™ OnDemand software-as-a-service solution to help address its geolocational data gaps.
Using Spectrum, 1st Guard is able to validate addresses for policies and make precise tax jurisdiction calculations. With geocoding capabilities, it can match the exact physical location of an address and provide latitude and longitude coordinates. 1st Guard can
also use latitude and longitude information to find the best possible address match for
that location.

Category: Insurance

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